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Storyology Session

Imagine being so crystal clear about your brand and your identity that you almost effortlessly stand out in the online world and draw your dream clients to you. Knowing without a doubt your why, your purpose and your message and how it all fits together which makes it fun to create powerful content that is exactly you’re your fans need and want. Being able to stand on a stage and completely captivate your audience and create a long list of raving fans from every single speaking opportunity.

I know the secret to making this happen.

Consider this:

What is the underlying thread of everything you do in your business?

What is the one thing that will totally set you apart from the over-crowded online world?

What is the quickest way to create connection and build a following of raving fans who adore you and can’t get enough of you?

What is the one thing that will make the biggest difference in your business?

The answer: YOUR STORY.

Storytelling is one of the oldest tools used to help teach lessons and create connection — and is now the best tool you have to rise above the clutter and deliver powerful content that actually resonates and is memorable.

The one thing that will make the biggest difference in your business is helping you get crystal clear on your message, your why and your brand all while helping you stand out and create a powerful following of raving fans is YOUR STORY.

The number one marketing tool you have is YOU and your story is what connects people to you.

From our one-on-one time together, you will:

  • Uncover your story
  • Define your Breakdown and Breakthrough Moments
  • Uncover Your North Star Message
  • Really zone-in on your audience, your message and your why
  • Develop the outline of your signature system
  • Come up with offerings and programs based on your story and North Star Message
  • Have a list of blog topics that are sure to connect and convert
  • Create an outline for your signature speech to use at live or virtual events
  • Uncover your overarching brand and tie it all together in one killer package that is totally 100% authentically YOU!

Unlocking your story with my support and getting so much clarity in how it all fits together is exactly what you need to finally step into your own greatness and truly shine!

Chantelle Adams 1:1 Coaching

Are you ready to find your story and share it with the world?
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Investment: Two One hour Sessions $1,500 USD


“My story is one of pain, loneliness, depression, suicide, sexual abuse, confusion, redemption, hope, forgiveness, love, purpose and eventually power. Confused? Well so was I. I had to share my story, but with so many details and stories within the story, all I had was a bunch of timelines which almost caused my truth to lose its power.

Chantelle requested that I share everything I wanted her to know and in 5 minutes, she expressed my life’s experiences in the most powerful way. I was so concerned that something vital would be discarded. Boy was I wrong. She connected my pain with her words and emotion seemed to spill from her soul as she spoke, in her own way, the summation from my life’s bondage and souls freedom. On the other end of the telephone, tears overlapped under my chin as I sat in awe listening to my life spoken by this incredible woman.

Chantelle made what I toiled over seem effortless. Without thought, she created art in story form and I just happen to be the leading lady. She has a gift. I’ve watched as she does the same for others in minutes. She is anointed in story creation and storytelling!

I am now able to share my story in a powerful and emotionally engaging way. Thank you Chantelle!”

Michelle Jackson  ~ Michelle Jackson

“If you’re on the fence about deciding to work with Chantelle Adams there’s only one possible way to go. HIRE HER! I’m super choosy about those who input into my life and when I came across Chantelle’s free group challenges, I got to witness first hand how incredible, special, generous, knowledgeable and just how freaking amazing she is. She was giving so much value for free that I knew that if I paid to work with her, what I get would be absolute gold.

Turned out that she managed to exceed my expectations 10 times more when we started working together. Chantelle is a powerhouse of energy and encouragement and in under an hour she’s helped me rewrite my signature story and another powerful story that touches every part of my coaching and services. Hearing Chantelle bring my story to life with so much impact and power behind it during the session was life-changing, and I was in tears when I asked her ‘Where have you been all my life Chantelle?’

To say it was worth every cent would be an utter understatement. Chantelle gets you the results right there in her sessions, and helps you get to the core of your story, message and your purpose and how to share that with the world. She’s an absolute Superstar who cares about you and committed to getting you results you’ve been dreaming about. So before you hire anyone or go anywhere else, go to Chantelle!”

Rachel Hale  ~ Rachel Hale

“YOU ARE BRILLIANT!  I’ve spent a lot of money on people who were either totally unethical (I’m very trusting in that way) or just didn’t know what the hell they were doing. To actually “run” into someone online with the passion, conviction, integrity and talent that you have is really quite extraordinary.

You are one of the very few that totally over-delivers and what you’re over-delivering is actually worth delivering in the first place. That superpower you have – worth your weight in platinum, I tell ya! ;)”

Tracy Otsuka  ~ Tracy Otsuka

Zero to Sizzling Speech

Imagine speaking at events, selling out programs, publishing books and being the go-to thought leader in your industry while gracing some of the biggest stages and being asked to do interviews, podcasts and more all while sharing your life’s work in a powerful way… that is the power of speaking. Ready to find your voice, own your story and get crystal clear on your message and how to share it with world?

Then you are in the right place!

Maybe you have been invited to speak at an event at your local networking group or a TED event or that BIG dream event you have had on your wish list!

You are thrilled, but scared out of your mind.

What will you say?

How can you knock this out of the park?

How are you going to stand out on the stage?

Where do you even begin?

Your doubts and insecurities start to creep up and that is when it is time to book your zero to sizzling speech session.

Or you are just ready to start adding speaking to your business so you can increase your visibility and credibility while making an even bigger impact in the world!

Oh yes, I can’t wait to help you get out there in a big way!

During our session I will help you:

  • Get crystal clear on your message.
  • Write your powerful story that is the foundation for your message, your brand and everything you create in your business.
  • Follow my secret sauce speaking formula that will allow you to write a powerful speech in a short amount of time over and over again.
  • Implement powerful attention grabbers that will have your audience hanging on every word and completely riveted on what you are saying and how it applies to them.
  • Infuse you into your speech…. Your brand, your personality, your idiosyncracies that make you stand out from the crowd and that will make you memorable and help create lasting connection with the audience.
  • Deal with fear and those little fear induced habits that creep into your speech.
  • Develop a pre-speech routine that will help you get centered and focused, ready to rock the stage.
  • Create a plan to make the most of your speaking opportunity and how you can build your list, get amazing testimonials, get instant clients and book even more speaking gigs.

Speaking is one of the fastest ways to grow your business and this signature speech will be something you can use over and over on stages around the world and also re-purpose it into other content or programs.

This is a powerfully transformational experience and you will leave with clarity, confidence and courage, ready to SHINE on that stage and leave a lasting impression while creating a long list of raving fans and clients!!!

Chantelle Adams Zero to Sizzling Speech
Chantelle Adams Zero to Sizzling Speech

Are you ready to rock the stage?
Heck yeah, let’s do this!

Investment: Two One hour Sessions $1,500 USD


“If you have any thoughts about public speaking or speaking professionally, Chantelle will help you craft your message and fully connect with your audience with content that is personal, emotional and relevant. If you are considering working with Chantelle I would say, Do it. You won’t be disappointed!

Shannon Caldwell  ~ Shannon Caldwell

“Her enthusiasm was amazing. Her knowledge of the topic was incredible and easy to learn from. Our private session together was extremely useful and I walked away with new ideas of how I could incorporate speaking into my business. Chantelle is the real deal!”

Elena Lipson  ~ Elena Lipson

“Chantelle, has a million ideas of what you could do to make your speech better and how to add other parts to the speech to help your business… awesome… awesome… awesome!! She is so approachable and easy to talk to and very REAL!!”

Susan-Schenk  ~ Susan Schenk

WILD THANG Sessions for Biz Superstars

You make my heart sing… and I want to help you get your groove on in your business in a BIG BOLD DARING way!

You are ready to drop the F* bomb (a.k.a. FEAR) from your vocab and start taking some serious action to make stuff happen. PRONTO.

Then you need a simple kick in the butt and a little hand holding to get crystal clear on your plan of action and how you are going to start living your courageous life and I am your fearless guide who will be there to support and encourage you and give you that oh so gentle nudge for you to take that BIG LEAP that will make all the difference in your life and biz!

Book a session with me ASAP. No more waiting— your time to fly is NOW so take that leap of faith and just GO FOR IT! You are so ready.

Wild-Thang-Sessions Chantelle Adams

Are you ready to get your groove on?
Book my Wild Thang Session with Chantelle!

Investment: One hour Session $750 USD


“Dang! Chantelle called me out in a way no one has before, by clearly identifying an unconscious habit of mine that was causing me stress – in a way that was positive, non-judgmental, empathetic and easy to relate to! Her organic, home-grown style of coaching is a refreshing change from the standard and the mantras she provides after are gorgeous and personalized. Even being around her upbeat personality is infectious!”

Sophia Chang  ~ Sophia Chang

“OMG!! I just had an AMAZING session with Chantelle Adams!  She is INCREDIBLY GIFTED. Be brave and ‘show up’ honestly in answering her questions and you will be richly rewarded. Her insights powerfully cut through my blocks and she uncovered long-time limiting beliefs holding me back in LITERALLY 15 minutes!!! Chantelle is highly intuitive, completely laser-like, loving and brilliant! She can do in MINUTES what it has taken other coaches YEARS to crack open in me. I begged her to offer more coaching programs and would sign up in a heartbeat. She is amazing!!!”

  ~ Lisa Fraley

“Chantelle Adams, is a bundle of magic energy that jumped into my life at the perfect time. She noticed very specific behaviors that I needed to examine to move forward and live my ideal dreams and the actions I needed to take to get there. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect and share on such an intimate level. Truly a rare find.”

Alexia-Anastasio  ~ Alexia Anastasio

10k product creation 1:1

Imagine creating a program that makes a huge impact in your clients lives while adding 10K + to your bottom line. Where your story and your message meet to create the program you are meant to share with the world.

Do you think this is within your reach?


How do I know this can happen for you?

Because I have been right where you are, struggling, wondering what to create, how to do it, getting stuck before I ever got started. Waiting until the perfect moment when my website was done, I had the perfect copy, I had a long list of clients. I would probably still be waiting to launch if I hadn’t just decided to screw all the ‘shoulds’ and just take action!

I created my first ever program, did a beta run and in my first official launch made $10,127!!! Yep, I broke into five figures with this first product and I have since launched that program 6 more times and added over $177,000 to my bottom line from this ONE program.

Big note: this all happened in my first 18 months of business.

And my last launch of this very same program was a 100K launch.

Just a little more backstory:

I launched the beta of this 10K Product when I didn’t have a website, just had a blog post as a sales page and had a Paypal link for my payment button, no fancy copy, no fancy website, no fancy buttons and NO list.

Yep, ZERO list.

When I launched it officially and crossed the 10K mark I had just launched my new site and had a simple sales page I wrote myself and a list of about 200 people, but because I knew what my clients wanted and how I could deliver it in a way that would make them say HECK YEAH I sold out! (this is what I teach you to do in 10K Product Creation)


From 10k Product Creation 1:1 you will:

  • Discover your brand story and how it connects all the dots in your business.
  • Find your North Star. This is the overarching message in your biz and will help you outline your signature system.
  • Know who you are creating this for and what problem you solve.
  • Get my ninja tricks on how to test it to make sure it is a problem your ONE wants solved.
  • Create or hone-in on your secret sauce system (that you can use in many different ways to create products and services for your clients… and even your signature speech… but that is another course).
  • Write your course/program/product content (yep, then and there during our time together you will create this program content).
  • Discover how you want to do business and how to deliver your content in a way that makes you want to jump out of bed and get to work.
  • Know exactly what to charge for your product to make you 10k and you will come up with a plan and the numbers to make it happen!
  • Find the right words to sell your product (this will be easy peasy because of the first steps I took you through in getting clear on your story, your voice, your message and who the heck you are speaking to).
  • Create your launch plan and set a date… I am totally holding you accountable!
  • Know how to pull-off a super amazing beta run of your program so you can get even more clear on how and what to deliver, who you are creating it for, what they need, and also to build your confidence. You are going to rock it and get raving testimonials— I will teach you how to do all of that!
10k-Product-Creation Chantelle Adams
10k-Product-Creation Chantelle Adams
10k-Product-Creation Chantelle Adams

Jump in right HERE and let’s get you creating your 10K product NOW!!!

Investment: Three One Hour Sessions $2,000 USD


“Before doing 10K, I was at a loss for how to let my gifts shine for the masses. I knew I wanted to develop something that could help more than just one person at a time and could also create a community of like-minded women. With Chantelle’s guidance, I not only developed one 10K product, but 2! I also found my work flow to beta launch and full launch, a system I can repeat over and over and over again to continue growing my business. I have to say, this program completely blew me away. It took a lot of commitment, but Chantelle never let us get too far behind. She was there every single step of the way. I’ve never worked with someone who goes as far in with her whole heart. I’d work with her again in a heartbeat!

This program is very specific and laser-focused. There are so many programs that try to do so many things and you lose the big impact. This program is straight to the point, all the nitty gritty, and creates an amazing tangible result. Chantelle is like a bright star that only comes around ever so often. If you get the chance to work with her, JUMP with both feet. Your heart will thank you later!

This program alone will transform your business and the way you think about business growth. This program will be your bread and butter for anything you want!

You will never work with anyone as authentic, real-deal, caring, and compassionate as Chantelle. She brings her whole heart and soul to her programs and it’s evident in every single interaction. She’s in there with you doing the work + cheering you on from the sidelines. This woman has more endurance than anyone I’ve ever met and is the kindest soul you’ll ever work with.”

Megan Hale  ~ Megan Hale