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1 Million Stories of Courage

I believe there is so much power in sharing your story. 

When you can be vulnerable and open about the everyday courage you have shown, there will be someone who can gain strength and hope from your truth!

That is why I am dedicated to creating a ripple effect of hope, love and courage throughout the world by sharing 1 million stories of courage while paying it forward and giving others the chance to find the courage within them.

All you need to do is embody the truth and complete the dare that comes with your bracelet, while embracing your own everyday courage. Then, once you have completed your dare and found your own courage, you will pass the bracelet on to someone who you feel needs a little more courage in their life.

Once you’ve done all of that, come back and share your story of courage with us and we will feature your story on our blog and social media platforms.

Are you ready to get your brave on and live with courage
then share your story and pass it on?

Do you want to have the…

Courage to Shine
Courage to Fly
Courage to Ask
Courage to Believe
Courage to Trust
Courage to Try
Courage to Let Go
Courage to Receive
Courage to Have Hope
Courage to Connect
Courage to Love
Courage to Heal 
Courage to Create


If you’re ready, then purchase your bracelet, live with courage and change the world with your story and by spreading the love!


Once you have completed your truth and dare and created your story of courage, share it here!

We will highlight you on our blog and social media platforms, and your story of everyday courage may get highlighted as an interview or in a documentary.

1 Million Stories of Courage Submission Form

Thank you for spreading courage and courageously giving!

Together, we are changing the world with our voice!

Much love + gratitude,

Chantelle Adams

Courage Igniter