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3 Ways To Make $5000 Through Speaking

3 Ways To Make $5000 Through Speaking

How You Can Make $5000 or More Through Speaking

You CAN make thousands of dollars even from a free speaking gig. The key is to overdeliver and provide MORE value when you are pitching to speak.

Watch the video training to find out! {Can’t see the embedded video at the top? Click here to watch.}

Here’s a summary of 3 ways you can make $5k or more through speaking:

  1. Package your speaking – get repeat business with a series of presentations OR you can add your online program as a bonus as part of your speaking fee.
  2. Give a free speech but sell a high-end VIP package
  3. Create a workshop or event and sell 5 programs or packages

Check out the video for more specific details where I’ll show you how to determine exactly how to calculate how much to charge when you add your bonus training, or how many people need to attend your event.


Now I want to hear from you: share in the comments below how are you going to get to $5k through speaking? How can you add extra value to your existing free or paid speaking gigs?





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