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3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

Top 3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience

When you’re speaking it’s important to connect with your audience so you can rock the stage, even if it’s a tough crowd! Be prepared and do your research first so you know your audience and can bring specific examples about the industry you’re speaking to.

Then do these 3 things to make sure that you are able to deepen your relationship and make a connection:

  1. Be yourself, be vulnerable, share your stories
  2. Be you – bring your personality
  3. You are there for them – tailor your message for them and be present!

Watch the video training to learn more! {Can’t see the embedded video at the top? Click here to watch.}

Check out the video for more specific details and examples, and I’ll share how I was able to give a standing-ovation worthy speech, complete with hugs and heart-felt thanks, even though it was definitely not my typical audience!


Now I want to hear from you: share in the comments below how are you going to connect your audience through speaking and deepen the connection?





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