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Is it really possible that taking the stage and speaking can gain you instant fame, credibility, sold out courses, a waitlist for coaching, book deals, amazing connections with industry leaders and tens of thousands of dollars added to your bottom line?

HECK YEAH! It’s more than possible — it is within your reach right now!

So, are you ready to go Pro with public speaking?

You have big dreams of stepping into the spotlight and on big stages, getting paid to speak and spread your message to the masses.

You are ready to rock the stage but getting those gigs is harder than you thought.

You know you have a message to tell the world. But you’re not getting the exposure you want. And you feel like the speaking image you’re putting out there is, well, not so polished.

Which is why the speaking gigs are not so easy to land.

You see, there is one thing that every event coordinator wants to see before they book you as a speaker… they want to see you SPEAK! (Does kind of make sense, right?!)

You need to have a professional speaking reel to capture all of your brilliance on the stage and share it with those who will potentially book you.

But there is one catch.

If you haven’t spoken before you won’t have a demo video and if you don’t have a demo video it is hard to get a speaking gig.

This is like the egg and chicken scenario, which comes first? I get it. I have been in your shoes.

I knew in the depths of my soul that speaking was the thing for me.

Centre Stage Live

Centre Stage Live

Centre Stage Live

Centre Stage Live

Watch the Video:


But in order to get booked I knew I also needed professional marketing materials for my site and to send to those looking for speakers.

It was really hard to get the gig that would let me take video in the first place then to find a videographer that would do it for under $5,000 was a huge undertaking and massive headache! But — I knew to really be successful in this industry I had to make this happen.

And do you want to know the results of a professional demo video and promotional materials?

I have personally delivered over 800 speeches in the last 5 years and worked with women from all over the world helping them write standing-ovation-worthy speeches and gain confidence to speak and share their message on the stage.

I have been able to add 6 figures to my income through speaking while spreading my message, changing lives and feeling like a total rockstar!

Woohoo! Now those are some results!

You are so ready to do the same, you know you are destined to share your message in a BIG way and you know speaking is a vehicle that can take you where you want to go.

You want to take that TED stage (or any stage for that matter) and skyrocket your name to fame while making a HUGE positive impact in the world!

Because I have walked a mile in your shoes, I know exactly what I wished was available to help me when I first started out and what my clients want and need to really make this dream a reality PRONTO.

That is why I created an extraordinary one-of-a-kind live event that gives you everything you need to make your speaking career happen NOW, no more waiting.

It is time to take matters into your own hands.

So what is this amazing event I have created?
I thought you would never ask…

Centre Stage Live

2 Month VIP Coaching + 3 Day Live Event

PRE-EVENT PREPARATION April 10 – May 6, 2017 OR Sept. 18 – Oct. 14, 2017
May 8 – 11, 2017 OR Oct. 15 – 18, 2017
POST-EVENT IMPLEMENTATION May 10 – June 9, 2017 OR Oct. 19 – Nov. 17, 2017

Are you ready to take the stage at Centre Stage Live?

This program will make it so easy for people to say “YES” to booking you for speaking gigs!

As a result of this program, you will get a professional-grade video reel of you speaking live as well as speaking action shots.

I will give you personalized VIP coaching on how to portray your speaking capacity on your website’s Speaker Page and One Sheet.

www.eyesoflestage-7549 Action photos and video proof sells!

I know this because I have been hired for over 1,000 PAID speaking engagements.

Only 15 ladies will get the VIP treatment and work one-on-one with me to write their standing-ovation-worthy TED style speech, deliver their speech on the elegant stage LIVE and receive their professional head shots, live stage images, demo video and testimonials to fast-track their speaking success.

This is a one-of-a-kind LIVE EVENT with amazing takeaways that would cost you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention massive headaches and stress for you to do on your own.

But with Centre Stage Live, I take care of it all — and at a fraction of the cost.
You just have to show up and rock that stage!

(and before you arrive, we’ll work together VIP style to make sure you are ready to do just that!)

Check Out What People Are Saying About


“She has a
beautifully crafted

Terri Fedonczak


“Centre Stage Live
was a
life-changing event.”

Susan Schenk


“Centre Stage Live
changed my life.”

Angie Seech


“Everything about
Centre Stage Live
was truly amazing.”

Alionka Polanco


“Chantelle Adams is what
heart-centered coaching
is all about.”

Susanne Wilson


“Chantelle gave me
ALL the support
I could ever ask for.”

Wendy Collier



YOU ARE: a passionate rebel-with-a-cause and a message that undoubtedly will change lives. You are ready to step into the spotlight and shine, baby shine. You feel called to speak on the stage and spread your message to the masses but you just don’t know how to get there.


I AM: A professional speaker, speech stylist and courage coach ready to help you turn your fear into fuel and write your Viral-Worthy TED Style speech that will change the freaking world. I get all fired up and know in my heart that the best way I can change the world is by helping women like you gain the clarity, confidence and courage to rock any stage you grace.

I know that the world will be changed through your voice and it is time to speak up and let the world hear what you have to say!


Here are all the amazing takeaways
you will receive through CENTRE STAGE Live :

April 10 – May 6, 2017 OR Sept. 18 – Oct. 14, 2017

gold swash

Wendy Collier & Chantelle Adams CS Live
  • 2 private virtual VIP sessions with me to craft your speech and refine your speech and style to rock the stage
  • An opportunity to practice your speech live before the big day + a formal critique from me
  • 4 Live group training calls with Q & A
  • Complimentary private assessment with a professional stylist to ensure that you have the perfect outfit for the live event
  • Lifetime Access to a group of like-minded women via a virtual online forum (whom you get to meet in real life!)

May 8 – 11, 2017 OR Oct. 15 – 18, 2017

gold swash

  • An opportunity to give a TEDx style talk on a professional stage in front of a LIVE (and supportive!) audience
  • Professional Makeup
  • Professional Headshots for your website
  • Professional Speaking Demo Reel for you to add to your website to send to booking decision makers
  • Professional “Action shots” of you rockin’ the stage for your website
  • In-person Exclusive Access to me throughout the event!
  • Live Group Workshops & Group Activities
  • In-person private sessions
  • Easy-as-pie on-site logistics — all you need to do is buy your plane ticket… and show up ready to speak!
  • Beautiful picturesque small town location in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  • Private, chauffeured transportation to & from airport – 20 min drive (international airport code = YLW)
  • Luxury shared waterfront accommodations – walking distance from speaking venue and restaurants
  • One Private Gourmet Lunch on the second day and Breakfast & Lunch during the workshops on the third day
  • A Closing Celebration BASH the last night – includes 3 course dinner and wine in our own private vineyard location

…and many other FUN surprises!

Centre Stage Live

You will receive a professionally-made, DONE FOR YOU DEMO VIDEO:

Samantha Ushedo reel Ananda Anatra Selena Deleslie


A professional LUXURY PHOTO SHOOT for the perfect images:

unspecified-4-copy-2 unspecified-5-copy1 unspecified-7 unspecified-61 Ananda Angie Seech


Angie Seech One Sheet Ananda Anatra one sheet

May 10 – June 9, 2017 OR Oct. 19 – Nov. 17, 2017

gold swash

  • 4 Live group training calls with Q&A
  • Personalized Feedback from me on your “Hire Me to Speak” Page
  • Glowing Testimonials from the audience & a beaming reference letter from me (for your “Hire Me to Speak” Page)
  • Your personal marketing plan to get booked
  • An understanding support group to help keep your accountable to book gigs now that you have everything you need


Centre Stage Live 2015


Writing your TED-style speech
Writing your demo video segments
Preparation and performance
Prep for photo shoot


Create your master list and marketing plan for getting PAID speaking gigs
Creating your own speaking gigs (live events, retreats & workshops)
Creating your opt-in / program / offer to sell from the stage
How to sell from the stage (getting free gigs that convert and make you lots of money from the stage)

Check Out What People Are Saying About


“Chantelle is exactly
what is wanted
and needed…”

Pamela Campbell


“The support
is better
than Spanx.”

Jeunesse Pearson


“Her program
Centre Stage
is the complete package.”

Makenna Johnston


“Centre Stage Live
was an experience
I will never forget.”

Danielle Reed


“From the personal attention through the experience, I never felt alone.”

Shannon Nicholson


“Centre Stage Live was the best thing for me and my business.”

Rosalie Puiman


Yep, I love to spoil the women I work with so I have thrown-in some

extra special bonuses:

Centre Stage programBONUS 1


You get FREE access to my signature program, Centre Stage! This is a powerful program that will give you an in depth approach to owning your story, writing your speech, getting booked and rocking the stage while re-purposing your speech into other content. This program is worth $1,697 and you get it for FREE when you sign up for Centre Stage LIVE!

personal stylistBONUS 2


Your own personal style session and outfit picked for you so you will have the perfect outfit for your speaking debut. Your Stylist will shop and style 1 complete outfit (including all accessories). You can specify your sizing, as well as your personal style preferences. You can also specify your target budget, and the items you would like included in your budget (you may already have a great pair of shoes you want to wear!). So you will have the perfect outfit to wear on your big LIVE stage appearance.



From THE HAPPY LIFE: You will receive a gorgeous charm bracelet with words to inspire you as you rock the stage. My past participants have LOVED these bracelets and worn them as their good luck charm when they speak!

From SUGAR BAKESHOP: You will receive the most amazing, mouth-watering salted caramels you have ever tasted!

Sugar BakeshopCentre Stage Certified Speakers pageBONUS 4


From your involvement in Centre Stage LIVE you will have everything you need to be a top-notch speaker, and I will share and promote YOU as one of my Elite Speakers!

This means you will be able to share this credential on your speaker page and one sheet to give you more confidence and credibility. You will also be listed in the Centre Stage Speaker Directory at the top of the list under the Elite category with links to your speaker page. This directory will become a wonderful resource for others looking to book speakers for their live and online events. This is an incredible opportunity to get your name out there and book more gigs!

And many more fun gifts that will make you feel like the VIP you are!


Kelowna is a picturesque town with vineyards, beaches and mountains, oh my! You will love spending time in my little gateway to paradise! The Sparkling Hills Resort’s posh lakefront accommodations is situated in the arts and cultural district with stunning views, first class hospitality and amazing amenities. On our final day together we will have our own private wine tour and 3 course dinner at Cedar Creek Estate Winery and Vineyard overlooking the lake. A perfect way to celebrate your stunning performance on stage!

Together we are unstoppable

…and together we will change the world with your voice.
It is time to take matters into your own hands and get everything you need in one
weekend to be able to skyrocket your success on the stage and start speaking
NOW. It is time for you to take the stage and start getting booked.

Ready to rock and roll?


I already feel comfortable speaking on stage — why should I consider this program?

That is fabulous! Now you may feel confident rocking the stage but do you have all the professional promotional pieces to be able to show your skills to those interested in hiring you? This is where you can get all of that done for you so you can put that professional image out into the world and start commanding top dollar.

I have not done public speaking before — is this program for me?

Oh YES! If you want to reach more people, build your credibility, change lives and make a whole lot more cash then speaking is the answer! No experience, no problem! I take you through the craft of writing a speech and you get my sizzling speech writing formula. I also help you know how to add the WOW factor, to face your fear of speaking, to bring your personality to the stage and how to captivate your audience with your story. I give you the foundation of being a successful speaker and the confidence to take the stage again and again. I will wait and see. This program is like nothing else out there. It is the answer to what you need to start speaking now. I am only inviting 15 women for this VIP 2 month coaching and live event and I am sure that those 15 spots will sell out FAST just like all of my other programs. There are also over 40 ladies who have raised their hands to say HECK YEAH they would love to attend, so don’t wait too long!

I have never spent that kind of money on myself — I just can’t do that.

I understand. Every investment I make into myself and my business is a scary leap of faith but whenever I do invest in myself I look at the potential ROI. For this you can start confidently booking speaking engagements and with just 1 or 2 engagements you will have paid for this 2 month coaching + live event. Also, if you look at what is included… and if you were to go out and hire a videographer and photographer on your own you are looking at paying close to that amount just for those two purchases alone, plus you have the headache of finding the right person for the job, AND you have to have a gig to speak at to get the demo video and they have to agree to have it videotaped… which is harder than you think. When you add up the value which equals over $8500 and you think about the potential ROI… you could recoup the investment with just 1 or 2 speaking gigs then I would say this is SO worth it! You get an experience of a lifetime, confidence on stage and everything you need to start charging top dollar for speaking gigs and getting booked and you get it NOW and without all the stress and fuss.

There are a lot of coaches out there — why should I trust Chantelle to help me “get there”?

I have been called a mama bear many times because I am fiercely dedicated to your success and that is why I keep my numbers low so that I can work closely with each person in my program and give specific feedback, support and one on one attention. The level of attention I give is unlike any other group coaching program out there. Just scroll up a bit and read through my testimonials to see why you should trust me and read first hand from their experience what it is like to work with me.

Here is a run-down of the 1:1 time we will spend together over the 3 months:

  • 2 VIP 1:1 strategy sessions with me
  • Weekly calls where you will all get an opportunity for hot seat time
  • Daily Facebook support in our private online group (I am always there for you!)
  • Personal, detailed feedback on your speech. I read through it line by line and offer feedback and suggestions to make it even better.
  • A formal personal critique on your speech that you can record and hand-in for review.
  • A private intensive session with me during the event
  • 2 hours of training during the event
  • Time with me during the activities and throughout our meals and other times together at the event (awesome time to ask questions and collaborate)
  • Facebook support in the private community after the event
  • 4 live training calls after the event where you get your questions answered

That is a lot of time and dedication on making sure you succeed!

Why are you qualified to be my speaking mentor and coach?!

I have delivered over 1,000 presentations; 800 presentations in the past 5 years. That is an average of 175 speeches a year. I have spoken to teachers, executives, kids, youth, whole communities, women entrepreneurs, parent, principals, bus drivers, social workers. I have delivered my speeches to the most diverse groups and I know how to turn a room full of skeptical bus drivers into my biggest fans. I know how to keep 500 kids ages 5-12 completely captivated for an entire hour. I have endless testimonials and rave reviews from every single speech I have given. Delivering so many speeches I have really gotten my writing process down to an art form and having the opportunity to speak to so many different audiences has helped me hone my presentation skills. And I pass all of the experience and knowledge on to YOU! I have the experience and the passion to make this happen for you. I have also been invited to be the TEDx Speaker Coach and have helped women from all over the world writing their standing-ovation-worthy speeches and get booked! Will you be next?!

I have attended live events in the past, and they don’t have much of a long-term effect on my business and life. Why will this be any different?

This is completely different from any live events out there. This is not hundreds of people in a room listening to speakers. This is about you and 14 other women coming together to learn and grow and actually take the stage. This event is not just information and telling you how to get booked you will walk away with the actual things you need to have in order to get booked. You also are not just showing up for 3 days we have 2 months of intensive VIP coaching and support before, during and after the event. You will see long-term effects because you will have tangible professional material that you will walk away with that will get you seen, gain you credibility and have speaking agents coming your way. This is a one-of-a-kind event where you will be taking action and creating things that will give you incredible and lasting results!

Did you say Canada? That is just too far for me to travel.

Canada is really not that far away. And no we don’t live in igloos! Kelowna is actually a very popular tourist destination because of its breathtaking vineyards, mountains and sandy beaches. Kelowna is strategically located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada’s western-most province. Located about 150 kilometres north of the United States border and 400 kilometres east of Vancouver. Here are some plane ticket prices (book early for best rates) Air Canada or Alaska Air are your best bets! (to Kelowna, British Columbia- YLW):

  • RT plane ticket from Los Angeles (LAX) $730
  • RT plane ticket from Denver (DIA) $469
  • RT plane ticket from Chicago (ORD) $591
  • RT plane ticket from New York (LGA) $721
  • RT plane ticket from Atlanta (ATL) $662
  • RT plane ticket from Dallas (DFW) $630

You just need to worry about the plane ticket and I will take care of the rest, including the ground transportation for all activities once you land. All you need to do is show up!

Heck yeah, I’m ready to ROCK the Stage!

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