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Want me to speak at your event, virtual or live?

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Chantelle Adams speakingTopics I love to speak about are:

  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • The Power of Your Brand Story and Storytelling For Business
  • Entrepreneurship (all things business)
  • Creating a 10K-100K+ Product and Profitable Launching (even with a small list)
  • Hosting Your Own Events
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Giving Back Through Business

You can read more about my most requested topics and see me in action over here, on my Speaking page.

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  • Video or audio interviews
  • An event that is focused on women entrepreneurs and where I can speak on one of my favourite topics listed above
  • Events that do not ‘require’ me to email my list

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  • I will add the link to my press page

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Want to collaborate on an amazing project?

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