21 Ways to Get Booked to Speak
(when just starting out)

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Want to know my best strategies for getting booked to speak and how I got booked to speak almost 1000 times in just 5 years?

These strategies apply to anyone who is looking to speak on MORE live (and online) stages or who is looking to get their first speaking gig!

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This workbook is where I share all my best strategies that helped me get booked almost 1000 times in just over 5 years averaging about 175 speaking gigs a year (90% of which were paid gigs).  If you follow even just a few of these strategies you will be getting booked to speak in no time.

When I was just starting out as a professional speaker I remember taking a public speaking training and being told that I would have to send 100 cold emails to get even just ONE response back, not a booking but just a response.

This was something I was not going to do and I knew there HAD to be another way, a better way to connect and to reach those who could book me to speak.

So I spent my time figuring out HOW to break the code to getting booked (and paid) to speak when you are just starting out and in a way that FEELS amazing!

No more cold emails...

the secrets to getting to the stage are being taught during this event and I know it is time for YOU to get on that stage so you can share your story and message in a BIG way and make an even greater impact in other's lives!

Together we can change the world with our VOICE and the fastest way to spread your message is through speaking!

When you are ready, grab your copy

and step into your thought leadership space, if you are an author, entrepreneur, visionary then it is time and speaking is the BEST way to turn your message into a movement!

We value your privacy and would never spam you

Chantelle Adams is a Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter. She has delivered over 800 speeches in the last 5 years and created a 6-figure business in just 9 months, recently having a 100K launch.

But the financial success is not her WHY, she has put her success to good use and helped build schools in Kenya, Nicaragua and Haiti and she is on a mission to help change-making entrepreneurs (aka rebels with a cause) find their voice, own their story and have the courage to share it so they can turn their message into a movement that changes the world!