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bringing together a group of the most incredible dream clients and connecting in a deep and powerful way that creates a lasting impact and a life-long raving fan who shouts about YOU and your business from the rooftops! Creating an experience that is completely your vision, your design and making a big profit while having so much fun!

This is just what happens when you create and host your own event!

There is something I know about you:

You know how to share your message in a powerful way, you love speaking and connecting with your ideal clients in person and live and you are ready to create an experience for them that is all your own.

Why would you want to host your own event?


You become seen as the go-to expert in the industry. You create a deeper connection with your fans through this in-person experience.

Your dream clients are much more likely to invest with working with you further after spending in-person time with you.

You can bring in other speakers which fosters incredible relationships that can provide more opportunities to you and further your reach and impact because of the connection with other leaders in the industry.

Many of my Centre Stage grads go on to host their own events because though it is amazing to speak on others’ stages and is such an honor, it can be tough to fill your schedule as often as you want with speaking gigs. Instead, you can just create your OWN stage and SHINE ON.

In Profitable Event Design you will...

Shine-Live-Pic1 Create a strong foundation and vision for your event.

Know the best ways to fill and sell out your event, even with a small list and following.

Create your profit plan and understand the different types of events and how to profit from each one.

Have at your fingertips the exact step-by-step process you need to take to pull off a successful event with timelines, checklists and powerful tips and strategies.

Have access to everything you need to know and do from idea to completion to make sure you make a HUGE income and impact through your own live events.

Learn how to add in the special touches that will go a long way and have people talking long after the event.


The time is now for you to create and host your own event from your vision, your heart and with your dream clients.

Are you ready?

design your vision.

During this module you will get clear on your vision, how you want your attendees to feel, the ways you can bring those feelings to life and how to create an experience they will not forget. You will also outline the tangible takeaways and key benefits that those who attend will receive, this is the foundation of a successful event that sells out and creates huge buzz.d!

design your profit plan.

Working your numbers is crucial to hosting your profitable event. Included is a step by step of each expense and items you may not have thought about including that could make or break your event's profit.   I walk you through different types of events and the profit plan for each including revenue ideas, expenses and profit.  This financial plan is the basis of your financial success.

design your content.

This module has 2 parts to it, the first helps you do a deep dive into your one and into exactly what they want and need from the event so it is a no-brainer to sign up! I take you step by step through the content creation process I use for my online programs and live events that will help you create a powerful event that over-delivers on value. I take you through my process of emotional niching which allows you to connect with your one on a deep level and makes selling a breeze.

During part 2 I walk you through actually writing out the content based on my proven method. You outline your event based on sample schedules I provide along with a printable schedule to keep you organized before and during the event. You will also get clear on the offer you will make at the event.

Design Your Sales Page and Copy.

If you can't find the right words to sell your event it doesn't matter how amazing it is.  I have always written my own sales page and copy and I am not a copywriter but I do have some amazing tricks and tips for getting into the minds of your dream clients and connecting through story, through emotion and through really understand your ONE through the process of emotional niching.  You get the how and you get the exact steps to writing a sales page, along with my fail-proof template, that makes your one say HECK YEAH sign me up!

Design Your Timeline, Marketing Strategy and Launch Plan.

I provide you with marketing strategies to reach your people and get them to a YES even if you have a small list or following you can do these strategies and sell out your event.  These 26 ways to get people to your event are priceless!  I help you reverse engineer your marketing strategy and give you a framework for success. Then you receive the step by step process for the pre-event so you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed.  I walk you through the 7 key phases of a live event with checklists and step by step guidance on what needs to be done when:

Step 1: Pre-event foundation
Step 2: Pre-event preparation and design
Step 3: Pre-event soft promotion
Step 4: Main promotion
Step 5: Live event countdown
Step 6: Live event
Step 7: Post event

When you follow the step by step processes in Profitable Event Design you will know how to pull off an incredible event that:

Grows your list
Creates raving fans
Distinguishes you as an expert and leader
Connects you with influential people
Sells out your programs and coaching, and
Creates industry buzz about you and your work in the world!

If you are ready to SHINE and create your own stage then Profitable Event Design will take out all the guesswork and support you each step of the way to make sure your event is a huge success!

What People Are Saying About MY Live Events and what they could be saying about YOURS:

"Shine Live is like coming home. Meeting the most beautiful, warm, caring supportive women on and off the stage!  You will be moved by the information, speakers, music, art and LOVE at this incredible event."

Susan-Schenk ~ Susan Schenk

"In typical Chantelle Adams style, she over delivered and provided the most meaningful content and we were able to use time to do the actual work. And of course, every woman in attendance had the same shining vibration as Chantelle.  A powerhouse opportunity to learn and make meaningful connections."

Jessica Wyman ~ Jessica Wyman

"Chantelle Adams… you are beyond amazing! Centre Stage Live has changed my life.  You are the reason why.  You believed in me from day 1 and you shined a light on me when mine was dimming.  My story matters!  Thank you for helping me find it."

Danielle Reed ~ Danielle Reed

"Chantelle Adams went above and beyond for Shine Live! The caliber of speakers was phenomenal and the content was rich.  One of the best parts of the conference were the high vibrational, intelligent, supportive and over all amazing women!  I recommend this conference to anyone who wants to grow their businesses through speaking, connection and collaborations!"

Dawn K. Gibson ~ Dawn K. Gibson

"Centre Stage Live with ‪Chantelle Adams was the best thing that happened to me and my business, since, well basically since I started it. Chantelle is an amazingly warm, smart and inspirational person. And that's not all: her 'superpower' is her ability to clarify your message: in just 15 minutes with her, I went from 'I know I have a message inside me somewhere' to clarity on what I want to share with the world."

Rosalie Puiman ~ Rosalie Puiman

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