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Imagine getting paid top dollar

to share your story, getting book deals, being seen as the go-to expert in your area of expertise, getting high-profile media, creating a massive following of raving fans, selling out your coaching programs and making a huge difference in the lives of thousands. All this juicy goodness comes from showing up and getting your brave on while speaking on live and virtual stages.

Courage is the #1 Key to Success

and I am here to help you overcome that nasty four letter word —



triple-gold-arrows-small1Stick around and I will show you how to:

  • Tell your story in the most powerful, captivating way and then how to turn that story into your signature speech, your signature program and a movement that will change lives.
  • Turn your fears into fuel and stick it to those negative beliefs while unleashing your own inner Sasha Fierce.
  • Work the stage, whatever stage you find yourself on and get a following of raving fans whose pulse starts to race when they hear from you. Work it girl, work it!
  • Get Your Brave On and Take some serious Biz building action, no more excuses. You got this! It is time for you to take a walk on the wild side!
  • Build more connections in life and biz by getting real, raw and vulnerable… no more striving for perfect, I am all about living bold and getting messy.

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Storyology 1:1

Your story is the foundation of your business, the key to selling authentically and rocking the stage. I will get you clear on your story and ready to powerfully share it with the world.


Centre Stage learn more

Do you want to: Find Your Voice, Own Your Story, Write Your Standing Ovation Worthy Speech, Get Booked and Rock the Stage all while changing the world with your voice?


The Courage Collective learn more

Come together with the most heart-centred, change-making powerhouse women and learn how you can begin to truly SHINE and turn your message into a movement!


“I am now able to share my story in a powerful and emotionally engaging way. Thank you Chantelle! Chantelle made what I toiled over seem effortless. Without thought she created art in story form and I just happen to be the leading lady. She has a gift. I’ve watched as she does the same for others in minutes. She is anointed in story creation and story telling!”
Michelle Jackson~ Michelle Jackson
“If you are serious about starting a career in speaking you NEED to take this course. The warmth and knowledge of Chantelle, the program and curriculum totally exceeded my expectations. This course was not just about writing a speech it was a lesson in marketing, storytelling, copy and communication all in one! If you are thinking about taking the Centre Stage course or working with Chantelle, all I can say is: DO it, don’t hesitate; it is money well spent.”
Breana-Cheri~ Breana Cheri
“Chantelle Adams went above and beyond for Shine Live! The caliber of speakers was phenomenal and the content was rich. One of the best parts of the conference were the high-vibrational, intelligent, supportive and overall amazing women who attended. I recommend this conference to anyone who wants to grow their businesses through speaking, connection and collaborations! Chantelle is truly a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur who is making an impact on women and businesses worldwide.”
Dawn K. Gibson~ Dawn K. Gibson