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Imagine creating a program that makes a huge impact in your clients lives while adding 10k+ to your bottom line.

Where your story and your message meet to create the program you are meant to share with the world.

Do you think this is within your reach?


How do I know this can happen for you?

Because I have been right where you are, struggling, wondering what to create, how to do it, getting stuck before I ever got started. Waiting until the perfect moment when my website was done, I had the perfect copy, I had a long list of clients. I would probably still be waiting to launch if I hadn’t just decided to screw all the ‘shoulds’ and just take action!

I created my first ever program, did a beta run and in my first official launch made $10,127!!! Yep, I broke into five figures with this first product and I have since launched that program 6 more times and added over $277,000 to my bottom line from this ONE program.

*Big note: this all happened in my first 18 months of business.
And my last launch of this very same program was a 100k launch.


Just a little more backstory:

I launched the beta of this 10k Product when I didn’t have a website, just had a blog post as a sales page and had a Paypal link for my payment button, no fancy copy, no fancy website, no fancy buttons and NO list.

Yep, ZERO list.

When I launched it officially and crossed the 10k mark, I had just launched my new site and had a simple sales page I wrote myself. I only had a list of about 200 people, but because I knew what my clients wanted, I could deliver it in a way that would make them say HECK YEAH I sold out! (this is what I teach you to do in 10k Product Creation).

I know, because I was right where you are now…
and I did it!

Could I have waited until I had a bigger list, a better platform and all the fancy sales page and membership sites in place?  Yes, I could have — but I didn’t. I learned SO much along the way and now I know how to get people taking action, moving away from perfection and just getting it DONE!

And now I am showing YOU how to do the same!

So why did I decide to do this program?  Well, it came as a total download… just a moment of inspiration— and when that happens, I know someone needs it and needs it now! (I take those downloads very seriously!)

But a big reason I knew that I needed to create this course is because I work with women entrepreneurs and help them get their brave on and share their message through speaking. These women are doing amazing work but I realized that many of them did not have any programs to offer those they were now speaking to and building a connection with.

I also saw so many women, friends and colleagues, with big dreams and so much potential but they were not making the money and I believe it was because they were just not getting their programs DONE and out into the world with clarity and focus!

When I created my first 10k program, I got the idea, put it out on Facebook to gauge interest and got a lot of “heck yeah!” back. So in 2 weeks I launched my beta program with just a blog post for a sales page and an ugly PayPal button.

This was my first-ever online program and I took action immediately — and within 4 weeks from the time I had the idea I was leading the sold-out program.

If you are putting off creating your program then it is time to take action.  It is time for you to shine so you can touch lives and make the impact that you were meant to make.

No more hiding, no more waiting, no more needing it to be perfect.

It is time to get it done!

This program is for you if you say yes to any of these questions:

Are you struggling to make money online but you realize you are doing everything other than creating what will bring in the money (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, anyone?)

Are you spending way too much time thinking about your program and just need some clarity, deadlines and accountability to get it DONE and into the world?

Do you really just have NO idea what your program or product should be?!

Do you know that you get results with 1:1 clients but are not sure how to package that expertise into a program so you can leverage your time and impact more lives?

If this is you… then I know I can help!


Discover your brand story

Discover your brand story and how it connects all the dots in your business (this is SO important and super priceless because once you have your story everything else falls into place).

North star

Find your North Star. This is the over-arching message in your biz and will help you outline your signature system.

problem solving

Know who you are creating this for and what problem you solve. (Ok, you’ve heard this before— but you will be able to ask me personally about this and get answers and clarity)

Get my ninja tricks

Get my ninja tricks
on how to test it to make sure it is a problem your ONE wants solved.

Secret sauce

Create or hone in on your secret sauce system.
(that you can use in many different ways to create products and services for your clients… and even your signature speech… but that is another course)

Write your content

Write your course/program/product content.
Yep! Then and there during our time together you will create this program content. You can do this—I did my 6 week program outline in 20 minutes (and the rest of it in about 5 hours).

Discover how you want to do business

Discover how you want to do business
and how to deliver your content in a way that makes you want to jump out of bed and get to work and makes your clients squeal with delight!

Know exactly what to charge for your product to make you 10k
and you will come up with a plan and the numbers to make it happen!

Find the right words to sell your product.
This will be easy peasy because of the first steps I took you through in getting clear on your story, your voice, your message and who the heck you’re speaking to.

Create your launch plan and set a date.
I am totally holding you accountable!

Beta run

Know how to pull off a super amazing beta run of your program so you can get even more clear on how and what to deliver, who you are creating it for, what they need, and also to build your confidence because you are going to rock it and get raving testimonials… I will teach you how to do all of that! Delight!

Plus you will also get some other amazing resources and templates that I know will help you successfully launch that 10k Product! Basically everything you need to succeed and then a little extra— because I LOVE to over-deliver!

Module 1
The Foundation: Your Story, Your North Star, Your WHY.

Chantelle Adams is a Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter.  She has delivered over 800 speeches in the last 5 years and created a 6-figure business in just 9 months, recently having a 100K launch.  But the financial success is not her WHY, she has put her success to good use and helped build schools in Kenya, Nicaragua and Haiti and she is on a mission to help change-making entrepreneurs (aka rebels with a cause) find their voice, own their story and have the courage to share it so they can turn their message into a movement that changes the world!

Module 2
Offer Clarity: Emotional Niching, Your One, and Problems You Solve

This module is all about getting super clear on who you are serving, and this is a very unique way to look at your one through what I call emotional niching. When you are clear on the emotions they are feeling and how they want to feel you will be able to communicate this to them and people buy based on emotions, if you can connect with them there you will have them saying “HECK YEAH, sign me up!”

Module 3
The Goods: Your Secret Sauce System and Content Creation

You have a powerful secret sauce system within the work you do and you just don’t know it! I draw it out of you step-by-step so you have the framework for your course and content creation.

Module 4 
Your Program, Your Way: Create The Program You Want to Create in a Way That Lights You Up and Don’t Forget Your Sparkle!

Now that you have the content outlined and your all set to really create this product and get it out there into the world you want to make sure you do it YOUR way, not the way everyone else is doing it. This is HUGE because if you don’t want to do a live group-coaching program but want to have it be DIY so you can travel off the grid all year long then that is what you need to create. We dive into just how you can set up your program for success your way and then we look at how to add the sparkle. That is YOU to your product because there are so many ways to infuse you into the content and delivery that will make it stand out from the online crowd.

Module 5 
Words That Sell and The Perfect Price: Create Your Sales Page and Get Just the Right Price

I take all the pain and discomfort out of pricing and show you a simple but seriously life-changing way to choose the perfect price for you that also gets you crossing that 10K mark. You will also be crafting tons of powerful words and descriptions that tap into your dream clients’ feelings and desires so you can speak right to them! You will get my exact step-by-step formula for a sales page that connects and converts so all you have to do is fill in the blanks!

Module 6 
The Launch: The Launch Calendar, Blueprint and Step-by-Step Process For Success!

As mentioned before I have had HUGE successful launches, even a 100k launch with a small list and so I know how to do marketing that is smart, low cost and gets results. I share with you ALL my secrets and give you step-by-step guides to help you with heart-based selling, sales conversations and the entire launch process.  There is even a launch calendar to follow so you know just what to do when; it takes all the guesswork out of it.  You will set a date and know just how to make it happen!

Check Out What People Are Saying About

10k Product Creation

“This program will change your business 100% - it did mine.”

Mariaestella Z. G.


“This program is truly amazing and absolutely life changing for your business. ”

Sharon Holmes


“I have to say,
this program
completely blew me away.”

Megan Hale


I ALWAYS wanted to have this program available so that when you got that stroke of inspiration and just needed the know-how, you would be able to dive right in and make it happen instead of getting lost in the sea of overwhelm and where do I begin!

I also want MORE women sharing their genius with the world NOW, no more waiting! It is time to shine by sharing your work and message in a much bigger way.

You can jump in TODAY and create that program in 1 week.

Yep, that is what I said — you don’t need to wait any longer! You can launch it before it is done, before it is perfect, before you feel ready and it can — and will — be a HUGE success! I show you exactly how, step by step... you just gotta get started.

Are you ready to create and launch your own 10K Product?!
Let’s DO THIS!

YES! I am ready to create my 10k Product Now!


If you’re not sure what kind of results you can get, watch this video from someone who’s taken the program:

Check Out What People Are Saying About

10k Product Creation

“This year is going to be epic and it all started with the guidance and programs that I learned from Chantelle.”

Laurie Foster


“Chantelle has the ability to know exactly what you're trying to say even when you're not clear yourself.”

Christine Tremoulet


“This program
can get you out of
stuck mode
and into action.”

Katie Geddes


“The value Chantelle offers
is beyond comparison.
It’s why I keep
working with her.”

Susanne Wilson


“Chantelle’s program is the key to unlocking the door to allow your work to get out to those who are waiting for it.”

Joanne MacDonald


“I am deeply grateful
for all the love, heart and value
she has gifted me.”

Norie Marfil


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it guaranteed I will make 10K from my product if I take this course?

No, there are no guarantees because it depends on how you show up, the action you personally take and it does sometimes take some trial and error.  I know many ladies who have come back to this program each time they have launched something and re-visit the training for guidance on their next big idea.  Also some women I have worked with have stumbled around for awhile without being truly sure and then have come back to their original idea to finally launch it and reap the success and others it has taken a year to get to that point but they did it!  Everyone is different but the clarity, confidence and courage you gain to launch will serve you in so many ways and there have been many who have achieved these results and greater!  So it is absolutely possible but it does depend on YOU!

Do I have to be tech savvy to launch this program?

NO, if you can write a blog post, pick up the phone, put up a link to take payment, send a message on FB and email your audience then you can launch your program and start making an impact and income NOW! I started with no tech knowledge and I figured things out as I went. I also found after my beta round I had the money to invest back into hiring support and upgrading the launch process but you don’t need to have it perfect you just need to get it out there!

But I don’t have a big list, how can I launch a program?

You don’t need to have a big list, just a whole lotta passion and drive for this work. When I launched my first program I had ZERO on my list and I made $2500 with 11 women signing up. This came through serving, reaching out 1:1 and heart based connections, which is all things I teach in the program plus a whole lot more. Then when I had my 10K launch I only had 200 ladies on my list. You can make this happen and you don’t need to have a big list, I am living proof of this!

Are you ready to create and launch your own 10K Product?!
Let’s DO THIS!

YES! I am ready to create my 10k Product Now!



If you’re not sure what kind of results you can get, watch this video from someone who’s taken the program: