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The Courage Collective

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It is time for women to step up, rise and lead!

Our voices need to be heard and we need to support each other in creating change in the world! The Courage Collective is a movement of women leaders, speakers, visionaries and entrepreneurs who are ready to DARE and LEAD through the power of their voice!

If you are ready to change the world with your voice, learn the art of powerfully speaking, be supported by other change-making women on a mission while courageously building a business that creates a massive impact in the world then you are invited to join us in…

The Courage Collective
where women are gathering around the world to find their voice, own their story and have the courage to share it while leading with courage in every aspect of their life.


The Courage Collective…standing in confidence and sharing your message on big stages, launching your sold out programs with ease, having raving fans and clients around the world, nurturing deep connections while growing a wildly successful business that is aligned with who you are. Being vulnerable, real, open and freely expressing your desires. Not sacrificing but rather cherishing the moments with those you adore, deepening your relationships all while having a massive impact in the world and truly living each day with no regrets.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?
Do you believe this is possible for you?

I do, and I know you — you are a passionate changemaker who dreams of being on big stages and sitting next to Oprah, being featured in magazines and on top podcasts because you know your story matters and you know your message is meant to start a movement, but instead you find yourself on the hamster wheel of business not sure why you can’t seem to get ahead, wondering when your big break will come.

You have bought more courses and programs than you care to admit, learned from every expert, attended webinar after webinar, hired coaches and you are STILL stuck in your business. You are still spinning your wheels trying desperately to get some traction and movement in your business and your bank account. You are growing, but not as fast as you would like, and you wonder what is wrong?

The Courage CollectiveI will tell you what is wrong.

You have let fears and doubts creep in so that every time you go to post that blog, ask for that interview, share your program or your work, you take a step back and FREEZE, you let doubts and fears overwhelm you to the point of inaction.

You have stopped listening to and trusting yourself.

You have decided that someone else’s program will be the answer to your problem.

You think that the next big thing will be that magic pill that finally gives you the platform, the clarity, the confidence to get out there and shine.

You have taken one course after another but never really implemented or taken action because it has been so much work.

I get it, you are busy running your business and wearing so many hats as an entrepreneur that you have little time and energy left over to dive into another training or program.


The Courage CollectiveYou know those moments where you catch yourself looking at someone else’s life thinking how you would LOVE to be where they are?  Seeing them getting asked to speak at all the big events, being interviewed by leaders in the industry, getting book deals, selling out programs, making a massive impact in the world with their message, creating a huge following of adoring fans all while travelling the world and living life fully with those that matter most.

What separates those women from you?
Do you believe they are more gifted, talented, lucky?

I believe what truly separates those who are living to their fullest potential, having aligned abundance and powerful connections is COURAGE + ACTION.

Courage to BE true to who they are, Courage to take action when inspiration hits, Courage to show up and speak up, Courage to trust they have the answers within, Courage to make powerful connections, Courage to ask for what they want and then receive it, Courage to get support and let go of the things that hold them back, Courage to embrace their calling fully and do what it takes to make sure they are living their legacy now. 

These women face their fears and no they are not fearless… (I don’t believe in being fearless) they learn how to turn their fear into fuel, to dig deep and find their courage.

You see, courage is not just about jumping out of airplanes or going on a trek around the world — it is about simple, everyday acts of courage that get you from where you are now to where you most long to be.

And FEAR is the one thing that is getting in your way.

Any of these fears sound or feel familiar?

Fear of rejection
Fear of success
Fear of failure
Fear of what others will think
Fear of not being good enough
Fear of being seen
Fear of letting go
Fear of being judged
Fear of not being able to deliver
Fear of not meeting someone’s expectations
Fear of being misunderstood
Fear of doing it alone
Fear of burn out
Fear of feeling inadequate
Fear of being vulnerable
Fear of losing the things that matter most in the pursuit of success
Fear of trusting others
Fear of taking a risk then losing it all.

These are just a few of the fears that I know plague the powerhouse, changemaking women who are up to big things and meant to change the freaking world! And these are the fears I will help you overcome in…

The Courage Collective

What is the Courage Collective? It is…

Live Masterminds + Online Business Training & Support + In-Person Speaking Training + Events!

More specifically, The Courage Collective is comprised of groups of women gathering together, online and live in-person locally, to:


Build a strong business foundation

through online trainings and Get It Done Masterclasses that will support you in where you currently are in your business and help you become a Courageous Leader!


Mastermind for accountability, support and growth

It is proven that when you surround yourself with other powerhouse women you will go farther, faster.


Receive Valuable Training + Practice for Speaking

At each bi-monthly Courage Circle meeting in your local area you will have the opportunity to practice and master the art of speaking with fun, simple and powerful activities.


Deliver a Speech

You will have the opportunity to deliver a short speech to your Collective so you can polish your skills and gain even more confidence in a supportive space to get out there and SHINE on stages.


Stretch Your Courage Muscle

You will have truth and dares to help you move past your comfort zone in life and business while being supported to take those leaps of faith and step beyond fear.


Host an event with your Collective

You will have the opportunity to host an event where you will each be able to take the stage to speak live.


Share Speaking Opportunities

Part of the Courage Collective is that each week you meet in your local Courage Circle each member brings an event, organization or other speaking opportunity to share with the group.  This will keep you all moving forward with finding more speaking gigs and making it a consistent practice of looking for gigs and reaching out! These opportunities will then be compiled into a larger database to be shared with all the Collectives so that there is a constant directory of opportunities to get booked to speak being shared.

Ready to Get Your Brave ON?

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The Courage Collective

I see collectives around the world…


…meeting together to mastermind and to build their aligned abundance through their businesses by Courageously Speaking, Creating, Building, Leading, Living and Giving! Being able to get the training that is perfect for where YOU are in your business right now through 3 levels within the business training: Create, Elevate, Illuminate so that you get the training the fits where you are, whether you are in the creation/idea phase and just new to business or you are in the growth and Elevation stage or if you are ready to step fully into the expert/thought leadership realm and Illuminate.

I see these collectives putting on events together under my guidance and support through the leader training and being able to speak on stages together!

I see these collectives spending time together in person to support each other, to share speaking opportunities and to practice the art of storytelling and speaking to be better prepared to rock those stages and build your confidence and courage in making it happen.

The Courage Collective

The Courage Collective is about giving you the courage and skills to share your message in a much bigger way on live and online stages…

to build your platform, create programs and products and VIP packages that are so aligned with your vision and your one’s desires that they create aligned abundance and growth, to become the thought leader in your space, seen as the go-to-expert, to be able to live your life of freedom and adventure while creating this massive impact in the world and then to be able to give back in a powerful way that leaves a legacy and your mark in the world!

One other BIG part of the Courage Collective is that 10% from every mastermind fee each month will go to a give back project.

I am looking at travelling the world with my family over the next 3 years and visiting countries where we will be doing a documentary sharing stories of courage around the world and where we can serve and give back and so the 10% will go towards these projects in communities around the world and you will get to see first hand from our pictures and video the lives you are impacting and I will have opportunities for you to join me on some of these adventures as well. The first being Nicaragua where we will help build homes for the women there who have just dirt floors and no walls for their homes, what a difference it will make for them to have a safe and secure home for their families.

So are you ready to be supported in starting your own Courage Revolution?  

Join our tribe of powerful, change-making women who are ready to do big things and drop that nasty four letter word from their vocabulary (aka FEAR… just in case you were wondering).

Every month we will face a new fear and step into a new way of taking COURAGEOUS ACTION.

You will be guided each month to find the courage to:



What results will you get when you join The Courage Collective?

You will have the courage to ask for that sale without even flinching because you believe in the work you are doing and know the impact it can have in their life and you know longer fear rejection.
When you are invited to speak you will say HECK YEAH and then show up completely and rock that stage because you know your worth and know how to use fear as fuel.
You develop strong, lasting friendships with other women because you know you can’t do it alone and are now able to ask for support when you need it.
You do business in an authentic way that is aligned with how you want to show up because you are confident in who you are and no longer afraid to be vulnerable and truly seen.

You will become a more confident speaker because of the consistent training and practice in front of a live, supportive audience. You will be getting booked to speak because of the continual sharing of opportunities within the Collective.

In The Courage Collective there will be:

A monthly business focus that is tailored for where you are currently in business whether you are just starting out, well-established or ready to step fully into your thought leadership role, to help you take courageous action and SHINE in business and life, working through fears, doubt and resistance with the support of this brave tribe!

Bi-monthly masterminds LIVE in your local community (or online until we can create a local Courage Circle in your area) where you will receive speaking and storytelling training and be able to practice speaking to gain more confidence and clarity on your message and where you will share opportunities for speaking, get support and accountability and take massive action!

A virtual event every quarter where you will learn powerful strategies and then GET IT DONE then and there with my support.

Weekly Truth or Dares to help you take simple steps each week to achieve massive results while busting through your biggest fears and blocks.

During these Get It Done Workshops you will create your:

10K Launch Plan (even with a small list)

TED talk that inspires and gets you noticed

Brand Story and Story Marketing Plan

Sales Funnel to grow your following

Aligned Abundance Income Map

Webinar that converts

Video Training Series to share your message

FB Challenge that helps you sell out your programs and gain raving fans

…and so much more!

“Chantelle’s got a gift- this way of making you brave without even knowing it. Everyone she comes across ends up taking leaps of faith and oddly enough sprouting wings too and her tribe is full of some of the most talented, heart centered women I’ve had the privilege of knowing.”

Sharon-Holmes ~ Sharon Holmes

“Chantelle Adams, thank you for creating such a great space for women to live, love and learn.

Carrie-Montgomery ~ Carrie Montgomery


This round of the Courage Collective will be a beta round and I will be starting this round at a lower price point then I intend for the groups when I officially launch and if you join at this lower price point you will be grandfathered in and can remain at that price for as long as you are member.

For this level of masterminding, biz training, speaking support, opportunities to connect and speak and shine on stages there is a 6 month commitment to the mastermind due to the nature of the in-person events.

Also I am looking for Courage Circle Leaders who will lead the bi-monthly mastermind and will receive training which in the future I will be charging a fee to receive but for this beta round I will waive the fee and provide training for FREE for the first round of Courage Circle Leaders.  As a Courage Collective (Courage Circle) Leader you will receive discounted access to the business training and masterminds and you will get training from me for event hosting and leadership as well as receiving a commission of the monthly membership fees from your circle.

If you are interested in being a leader in the Collective make sure to fill out the survey in this email ASAP

Ready to Get Your Brave ON?

Join a Courage Collective in your area OR Online:


Apply to Lead a Courage Collective in your area:


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“Chantelle Adams has had a huge impact on my life and business. I have never encountered someone with such a generous heart and uplifting spirit. Her encouragement and positive influence have helped me to get past my fear of being visible in my business and my fear of rejection. She has a gift for leading you to a place where you dig deep into your soul and before you know it you realize that you have somehow moved past your fear. I think you become brave just from spending time with her and with all the wonderful women in her group. She creates a safe place to be vulnerable, learn, and grow, and a beautiful community of amazing, heart-centred, and inspiring women emerges from that place. If you have a chance to be a part of anything Chantelle does I highly recommend it!”

Lori Doan ~ Lori Doan